The Trade Hub

Pettah, Colombo is known across the country for its open air markets, street vendors, rather affordable wholesale priced tidbits and a general atmosphere of daily chaos. With the close proximity to the harbor it is accurate to state that the area is constantly swarming with trade and economic activity. Inspired by the contextual forces the design challenge was to design a trade center for the area that would function as a one stop location for trade related activities. As a result some of the programmatic elements included a resource library, financial and consultation facilities, multi-functional spaces and space for temporary pop-up stores.  The massing of the building in the site was heavily influenced by the existing pedestrian pathways through the site.  Two buildings were placed on side with the expectation of making the majority of the site available for temporary pop-up stores to evoke the same street ambiance of the area.  

1&2 floors
2 floors
3 floors
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DSC05623 copy
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